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DJ Steve M

A salsa addict since 2004 he started DJing for Salsa Estrellas, the club he now runs, back in 2006. He has worked with promoters and performers in venues across the UK. With a passion for that latin bounce he mixes the fresh with the classics and performs regularly at our club & party nights.

DJ Martyn

Our West Country boy, started dancing in 2000. In 2009, he started DJing for Salsa Estrellas & Almas Latinas. Combining all latin styles he has guest DJ'd for Mauricio Reyes, & The Salsa Squad (Cheltenham). He also performs regularly at our club and party nights.

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DJ Steve Mapson

A regular with Salsa Estrellas and prize winning Kizomba dancer his Rhythm & Grooves show can be found on Secklow sounds. Fully embracing the Kizomba style he is now quickly becoming recognised for his talents, playing for Mauricio Reyes and holding a resident spot at Kizomba Co-Op.

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